DISCLAIMER: This website was created based upon the criminal acts of Russ Martin and for the purpose of informing Delaware County residents of those acts to prevent them from being victimized by police corruption at the hands of this criminally corrupt cop like I was. I would also say if I were lying Martin would be suing me. Martin won't be suing me.             

                     (New, 4-2-13) CHECK THIS OUT! TALK ABOUT INTEGRITY! Trooper fired for not writing ticket.  
"The Pedophile"   Rep. McBurney was concerned if this trooper did that for him he would do so for any "law abiding citizen" and said, 
                                                      "If those who enforce our laws fail to meet the highest ethical standards..." 
    And here's Martin sinking as "low as a cop can go" and engages and is complicit in criminal activity for a criminal (a prostitute) against an innocent person (me) when my mother was dying and had died of breast, bone and brain cancer. "SCUMBAG, CROOKED COP!!!"   
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    (911) I learned in the past week Martin has a "habit" of pulling over female motorists and accusing them of traffic violations and when they "adamantly" deny it he's let them off with a warning. I know of 5 women this has happened to. It "creeped" them out. 
                  RUSS MARTIN (BARNEY FIFE in "real life"): "A LEGEND IN HIS OWN MIND"     
                           This is "unbelievable." The Hypocrisy that is Russ Martin. Talk about the "pot calling the kettle black!"
    Martin has a hell of a lot of nerve calling people out for doing exactly what he did to me for a prostitute committing crimes against me.   
  Read about the "cesspool of corruption" that is Delaware County and the "exorbitant lengths" others went to in covering for Martin/Fife. 
      When this prostitute refused to see Martin/Fife anymore because he was too "obsessed" with her he "sexually molested" his daughter Alexandria.
                                                                                  MY STORY (i.e., Martin's "crimes")                                       
     This website is dedicated to exposing Delaware County (OH) Sheriff Russ Martin/Barney Fife for the pedophile, stalker and corrupt cop he is.
      This (true) story is about what Martin/Fife did to me after an investigation concluded I was the victim of a "serious" crime committed by a prostitute, 
Tamara Chafin Shamansky [TCS], related to a former Delaware County judge/referee when my mother was dying of breast, bone and brain cancer and then
Martin/Fife continued
even after my mother's death.  
TCS was an ex-girlfriend of mine who, unbeknownst to me at the time, worked as a prostitute when we dated. She was involved in a "prostitution ring"
the Columbus Dispatch reported had clients that were judges, police officers (Martin), politicians, prominent people, doctors, lawyers and stockbrokers.   
      I ended the relationship when I found that out. I did meet her through an escort service but didn't set up the meeting. A friend did and when she "propositioned" me I passed. She called me the next day and told me she quit and proceeded to pursue me. She had dinner with my father and I one (1) week later.
      This started on a return trip home from a chemotherapy treatment in Delaware for my mother. She got sick (as she often did) and I had to pullover and did so (50 yards) into the entrance of the Stratford Woods housing development off Rte. 23 before entering Delaware. As it turns out TCS lived in the second house on the right (135 yards in). TCS returned home as I was tending to my mother. I saw her and left. I didn't know if she saw me. I did a couple days later when my mother's caller ID recorded phone calls from an "unlisted" number (TCS) and the Delaware Division of Police ["DDP"].  
      After that I sent TCS a "peace offering" (flowers) with a letter explaining my only reason for being in Delaware was to deal with my mother's illness (medical needs) and if she saw me again I didn't want any trouble from her.
      Not long after that (October '98) I spoke with a DDP Officer/Sgt. William Zoller/Gomer Pyle and agreed never to contact TCS again and told him I just wanted to make sure I wouldn't be bothered if she saw me tending to my mother's medical needs in Delaware.  
                                          I thought that was the end of it. It should have been. It wasn't...
      In July '01 TCS stated that she never determined who was making harassment calls to her and referenced our relationship as that of a "regular boyfriend/girlfriend" one and we'd go out all the time after she was sworn under oath to tell the truth.     
                    This is what TCS reported (lied about) in '98 and '99 (TCS now claims Zoller and Martin are lying).
      One month later (November '98) TCS contacted Zoller/Pyle to make sure his original DDP report (October '98 link above) read we never dated and her caller ID recorded two harassment calls from a Judy Young (no relation to me) on November 17, 1998. 
      One month later (December '98) TCS contacted Zoller/Pyle again to make sure the changes she requested (we dated to we never dated) were made to Zoller/Pyle's October '98 and November '98 (links above) DDP reports.
      One month later (January '99) TCS contacted Zoller/Pyle again. TCS contacted her attorney to pursue charges against me when the DDP, i.e., Zoller/Pyle would not. TCS told Zoller/Pyle she needed his DDP reports as "precise as possible" to read she never dated me, never would, never will and wanted that made "perfectly clear." 
      One month later (February 9, 1999) my mother died of breast, bone and brain cancer.
      TCS's attempt to bring charges against me through her attorney was "unsuccessful."  
      Four months later (June 1999) TCS contacted Zoller/Pyle to report her caller ID had been recording harassment calls from a phone number registered to my mother for the last "several months." Zoller/Pyle finished that report by saying an attempt would be made to obtain a warrant for TCS's phone records for possible phone harassment charges against me based upon Zoller/Pyle falsifying his 6-23-99 report to read my mother's number was recorded by TCS's caller ID as if he witnessed that for himself.   
      I was never charged with, questioned or even told about TCS's stalking (by phone) allegations after Zoller/Pyle obtained TCS's phone records. Neither was Judy Young. Zoller falsified his 6-23-99 report when he stated my mother's number was recorded by Shamansky's caller ID.
     TCS violated the falsification section (2921.13) of the Ohio Revised Code and committed a "serious" criminal offense against me that if I had been charged and convicted of what she was accusing me of I faced a possible 180 days incarceration.
     TCS got Judy Young's name and number out of the phone book and proceeded to falsely incriminate her for no other reason than we shared the same last name.
     TCS was "insulated" from prosecution after lying to a DDP officer/detective (Zoller/Pyle, Martin/Fife) with the intent of having me incarcerated. 

     A case in Delaware "mirrors" mine involving former Delaware County Coroner David Rath where he was charged with falsification for
lying to a DDP officer/detective about taking drugs from an apartment where a woman overdosed. He was facing six months prison time for doing so.
     Martin/Fife was Chief of the DDP when criminal charges were filed against David Rath and also the detective who concluded I was the victim of a crime after investigating the stalking, phone harassment, complaint TCS filed against me and concluded I was innocent.
      Martin/Fife felt Rath should be charged with lying about stealing a bottle of pills and face six months prison time for doing so but TCS shouldn't for filing false police reports against me with the intent of having me incarcerated for a "significant" period of time. 
      Rath's crime was more serious... I wonder how much prison time that bottle of pills was facing based upon the lies Rath told...
                    The "epitome" of a "perversion of justice."
      How is it David Rath was charged with falsification for lying to a DDP officer/detective about stealing a bottle of pills and TCS wasn't for trying to have me incarcerated for six months? Doesn't make any sense now does it?
      This is an appropriate time to reference statements made by Martin/Fife in 2005. He said, "I think it's just incumbent of law enforcement to treat everybody the same. It's just a real simple concept." That is unless it's a prostitute related to a judge in Delaware County falsely accusing a caregiver to his terminally ill mother of stalking. 
      What follows is Martin/Fife's actions from '98 to '00 (he was investigating TCS's complaint with Zoller/Pyle from the beginning) that contradict that claim by him and instead portrays him as a "criminally corrupt police officer" providing "professional favors" and "protection" to criminals like TCS who are related to or are a
"loved one" of a Delaware County employee(s), e.g., Ashley Glazer, Rickey Renee Perkins
Truth is Martin/Fife is the "type" of cop referenced in this article.  
 Instead of closing the investigation after TCS's phone records proved I was the victim of a crime committed by TCS and not the "perpetrator" of the crime she accused me of (phone harassment) for eight (8) months this is what Martin/Fife and Zoller/Pyle did next...

      The day after obtaining TCS's phone records and proving I was the victim of a crime committed by TCS Zoller/Pyle falsified a 6-24-99 DDP report to read TCS received a letter from me harassing her in order to continue investigating me.
      Martin used the "LEADS" (Law Enforcement Automated Data System) program reserved for official criminal justice business to perform a "background check" on my sister. He then contacted her ex-husband and an ex-boyfriend dating back twenty years for more "background information" on my sister.
      There was no reason to continue investigating me let alone anyone in my family.
      I had done nothing... 
      After I found out Martin/Fife contacted my sister's ex-husband and ex-boyfriend I sent TCS letters telling her to stop whatever she was doing that prompted Martin/Fife to contact my sister's ex-husband and ex-boyfriend and let my family grieve our mother's death in peace. 
      Martin/Fife altered those letters to incriminate me in prostitution with TCS and stalking her by driving through her Delaware County (Stratford Woods) neighborhood.
      The Delaware Gazette reported those letters were missing from the case file for 16 months
      In July '01 after she was sworn under oath to tell the truth TCS, herself, stated I was not involved with her in prostitution and our dating relationship developed immediately.   
      Martin/Fife then "obscured" the USPS date stamps on the envelopes containing the original, "unaltered" letters I sent TCS for the purpose of corroborating a
summons he falsified ordering me to appear in Delaware County Municipal Court [DCMC]. 
      Martin/Fife falsified that summons to read I sent TCS those letters during the time she was filing the false stalking, phone harassment, complaint against me
(October '98 to October '99). After being sworn under oath to tell the truth TCS lied and changed her story to her complaint was mail harassment to coincide with Martin/Fife's falsified summons despite Zoller/Pyle's DDP reports demonstrating "clearly" TCS's complaint was phone harassment. There is no mention of letters in Zoller/Pyle's DDP reports from November '98 to June '99.    
      Having no knowledge of the false stalking, phone harassment, complaint TCS attempted to have me charged with and being "stressed out" with my mother having died recently I pled "no contest" to the charge hoping to put it behind me with "minimal damage." I was sentenced to thirty days jail time (25 suspended in favor of probation). 
      The more I thought about it something didn't feel right. I tried to get copies of the DDP reports TCS filed to see what she reported but was denied. I contacted Martin/Fife and told him I knew something wasn't right and I was going to file a civil action/lawsuit to get to the bottom of it.
      After I left that voice mail message for Martin/Fife he caused further court proceedings to be brought against me for the purpose of getting the DCMC to order me to undergo a "psychiatric evaluation" and "follow-up" treatment if that was recommended.  
      I stumbled upon this at Wikipedia.com. It says TCS is the one psychiatrists would diagnose as suffering from a "mental illness."   
      If you've gotten this far it should be obvious Martin/Fife wasn't trying to get me help for a "mental illness" he was trying to cover up the criminal and corrupt activity he was complicit in after his investigation concluded I was the victim of a crime committed by TCS when she falsely accused me of stalking her by phone.
      I refused to take the "psychiatric evaluation" as a "matter of principle" and was made to serve the remaining twenty-five (25) days.
      It was later determined by court analyst Kim Schirmer I wasn't in need of any "psychological counseling." (SURPRISE, SURPRISE!!!)
      Ironically enough in '98 and '99 when TCS was filing the false stalking, phone harassment, complaint against me she claimed I was the one lying about us dating and her being involved in prostitution
      TCS's sworn under oath statements from '01 indicate she claims Martin/Fife and Zoller/Pyle were the ones lying in '98 and '99 by filing reports that stated TCS and I never dated after she told them we had, I stalked (harassed) her by phone after she told them her caller ID identified those calls as originating from an "unknown number" and I was a "client" when she was a prostitute and nothing more after she told them that was not true.               
                                           I will add to this website and update it periodically. In the mean time you can visit my other other website related to this one.
                                                                                                           To be continued...       

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